Your gateway to the post-trade pros and treasurers of the Nordics and beyond

Building on two conference brands with roots going back far in the Nordics – respectively for post-trade and finance-function corporate professionals – 360° Financial Media Group carries the torch forward.


360 FMG

360° FMG hosts conferences and news sites under the brands PostTrade 360° and Treasury 360°. Our mission is to promote the sense of joyful collaboration and belonging across the professional community – by sharing the stories that make the complex stuff simple, and by inspiring the audience through meetings with their industry colleagues.


From outside, securities operations looks like a narrow niche, around custody, clearing, and settlement. Once inside, a complex universe opens up, with even experts in single sub-areas grappling to get the broad picture. PostTrade 360° helps everyone stay on top, insight-wise, to form a warm community, and to grow their sense of career purpose. With the international nature of the securities industry, we see operational seniors from around the world making up an increasing part of the subscribers to our LinkedIn flow and newsletter.


Merging four national events, in 2022, into the single spectacular Treasury 360° Nordic conference proved to be a roaring success – with 500+ delegates on site in 2023. You haven’t missed our happy recap video, right? Almost all speakers are treasurers themselves; tell us another large conference where that is the case. The concept offers a hundred reasons to join, with dinner and band to match the stunning program, and even an additional Training Day, all for free. Yet, as we speak to the most senior treasurers, the top value they point out is the unique opportunity to be truly challenged, by the best of their Nordic colleagues and their best practices. Bring your team to lift your processes and commitment to the next level.

Come join us!


For professionals in our niches, we are the organizer of the region’s engaging and informative yearly conferences, as well as an independent news source on posttrade360.com, treasury360.net, and their corresponding LinkedIn flows here and here. We offer the arenas where post-trade professionals and treasurers turn their respective industries into communities, where they learn, network, and feel confident about belonging with their colleagues.

For providers who wish to reach these niche professional groups, we are a uniquely positioned partner who will be happy to discuss your best way to reach out. We offer you the channels to them (through our events, our advertisement spaces and our distribution of sponsored content).

We can also assist companies with any media production effort needed to underpin their communication under their own brands. We write their articles, produce informative videos and operate their events. And we will be happy to coach you to efficient practices in content marketing whether through us or your other channels. Don’t make your marketing complicated, just speak with us.

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